Alumni interview

Jevin Pillay Ponisamy

Nationality: MAURITIAN (Republic of Mauritius)
Country of Work(post): NEW DELHI
Institution: Mauritius High Commission
Position: Second Secretary
Course: Course for African Diplomats from Francophone countries (10 September 2010 - 08 October 2010)

Can you tell us a bit about your career path and your motivation to follow this profession?

After completing my secondary studies in the Republic of Maurius (Cambridge "O" and "A' level), i went to France (Toulouse) to study law. After my  "Maitrise in Law" (in France/Toulouse) with specialisation in European and International Law at the University of Social Sciences-Toulouse 1-Faculty of Law, I further pursued studies in Political Sciences with an "MA" and an "Mphil" in  "Geopolitics & International Relations" at the Political Science Institute of University of Social Sciences-Toulouse 1. I have always been attracted to international relations and law and I had the chance of being  recruited (at a later stage) by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade of  the Republic of Mauritius  as a Second Secretary in December 2008. After having spent a bit less than 3 years in the Ministry, i was posted across to the Mauritius High Commission in New Delhi in August 2011 where I am still posted.

When it comes to influencing the international agenda or shaping public policies in your country, what main challenges do you face in your daily life as a professional?

Though the tasks which are required of me are typical of a diplomat in Mission, i often encounter problems with diplomats from some countries who tend to look down upon diplomats from smaller countries or even African countries. I really believe that part of the training offered to young Diplomats by their respective Ministries/by a foreign Government should involve more networking among Diplomats on Missions/in their respective countries in such a way that this barrier is brought down. After all, we are all working towards the same objectives and for the betterment of our World.

How would you be willing to participate in our network?

I believe that the concept of a network among diplomats is more than necessary at this point in time especially with regards to our growing globalised World and the influence of Social Media. It all started with the help of Ambassador (ret.) Dr. Mühlen, who was the Programme Director our training Ambassador. With his achievement, it was made clear to me that our corps needed more than ever a networking system. Further to that, thanks to Mr. Patrick Heinz, Head of Training for International Diplomats at the German Federal Foreign Office , I got the opportunity of sharing the same platform as Diplomats from all over Asia (who also did their training in Germany) who came over to India for a get together in 2013. This really demonstrated the willingness and the deep involvement of the German Foreign Office in setting up such a network which would benefit all these Diplomats who have all one point in common: Germany. All I can say is that I now count more than 20-30 friends from over the World, all Diplomats on posting and all having one point in common: Germany. Therefore, I will always be ready to assist in this networking project.



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