Alumni interview

Nicolás Alberto Mejía Riaño

Name: Nicolás Alberto Mejía Riaño

Nationality: Colombian

Institution: I am currently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia. I have not been posted abroad yet.

Position: My position is Third Secretary of Foreign Affairs – International Cooperation Directorate

Course taken at Training for International Diplomats: I took part in the programme held last year in Berlin.


Can you tell us a bit about your career path and your motivation to follow this profession?

I have always wanted to work at the public sector because I believe that it is a citizen’s duty to promote his/her country’s welfare and improve its international relations in a friendly and peaceful manner. This is why I decided to join the Colombian Foreign Service two years ago. I am a Political Scientist by training and in addition to being a civil servant, I am also working as an adjunct teacher in a undergraduate course about International Political Economy. Therefore, I am interested in combining these two professional paths because I think that, only by bringing theory-oriented public policy and political practice based on evidence together, can progress be achieved.


Tell us about a pleasant work memory you have.     

I would think that the most pleasant work memory I have until now is linked to when the German Embassy in Bogota stated that I was chosen to represent my country at the VIII Executive Seminar for Diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean. I have always admired German culture (I speak German and have worked as teaching assistant and writer on issues related to German history and political dynamics). Thus, this was an unbelievable chance to hone my professional skills and meet new people from my continent and that at the invitation from a key international country such as Germany.


How do you think our alumni network could serve your purposes better?

Because an extended network of contacts is key to a diplomat’s success, I think that the alumni network is a fundamental tool for meeting new people, sharing viewpoints, discussing new ideas and so forth. It is also a convenient platform to stay abreast of worldwide developments.



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