Alumni interview

Abdoulaye Gueye

Name: Abdoulaye GUEYE

Nationality: Senegalese

Country of work: United Arab Emirates

Institution: Senegalese Embassy, Abu Dhabi

Course taken: 5th Training course for young African diplomats held from June 16 to July 27, 2011 in Germany



Can you tell us a bit about your career path and or your motivation to follow this profession?


I followed legal studies up to the Master-level and then took to the profession of diplomacy as I wanted to participate in global events and represent my country worldwide.



Tell us about a pleasant work memory you have.


Something which remains in my memory is my time at the National School of Administration of Senegal. The topic "Rationalisation & Integration of West African Organisations" made a great impression on me and I was able to successfully defend the idea that Africa cannot unite as a continent without proper integration of sub-regional organisations, in front of a jury.



If you hadn’t followed this career, what other profession could you see yourself in and why?


If I did not become a diplomat, I would have become a business lawyer since I have been trained in this profession and I always liked to work in international affairs.





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